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I previous read the selection trilogy, for which this book is the start of a companion duology. This book is about the new king and queens daughter, Eadlyn, and her own trials going through the selction process to find a man to marry. In this first installment, Eadlyn finds out that she will have to have her own selection instead of becoming a single, non-married queen, which is what she wants to do. There are 35 suitors competing to be the man she chooses in the end. None of them realize how determined she is scare every single one of them. As the process starts Eadlyn makes a few mistakes which she gets harshly judged, and learns a few thing about her self.

There are many similarities between this book and the selection trilogy in the way that the selection process is handled and the way some of the charaters act. Some of the boy competing for Princess Eadlyn are very similar in the way they act to some of the girls from Maxons selection. But the difference are just as numerous. The boys are playful and fun when they can be and serious and respectful when they need to be. All of the boys stand out from each other, at least, the ones she mentions do. There are some I love and hope stay, but there were few I wanted and still want gone. I already have my favorites.
This was a very cute start to the new set. The story is well written, just like the other novels and novellas Cass has written. This one, like the others had me interested the whole way through. There were moments I laughed and smiled like I could feel Eadlyn happiness. There were also few moments near the end of this book that had me reading faster, scared and wanting to know what was going to happen next. I do not like the way this first book ending. It had to much of an unfinished ending, and I am not happy that I have to wait a year or so for the next book. And by ‘do not like it,’ I mean I love it and want the next book now.

Next up: ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ by D. H. Lawrence