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The basis of this story is about a girl and her son who get caught in a gas station robbery. There is a man who is also involved and she thinks he will help her find justice for the one thing she never admitted was true.

Shandi was raped at a party and she never admitted it to herself or anyone else until she was at the gas station thinking she was about to die. The rapist never broke her hyman, so when she had her son Natty, she was still a virgin. Her son is three years old and a genius. She moves into her dads condo closer to her school so Natty can attend a better preschool. On her way to the condo they stop at a gas station and get held up. For the most part, no one got hurt in the robbery excpet the robber and William. William, a scientist who put himself between Natty and the robber. When Shandi goes to visit William in the hospital to ask for his help, neither of their best friends, Walcott and Paula, agree with it.

Part two starts with Shandi taking care of Will during the day while Paula takes care of him at night. Paula cannot stand Shandi and Walcott is currently avoiding her. She also talks to Will about where Natty came from. She brings him the bag that has her clothes from the night and asks Will if he will do DNA testing and find out who he is. There is a lot having to do with the after effects of the robbery on Natty.

The third part is the wrap up and explination of a lot that happens in the story.

This book was exactly what I expected it to be, a cheesy love story, but it was also unexpected in many ways. It was a half a love story and half a search for the truth. In the end, everyone ends up in the right persons arms and the truth is found. The truth is a little hard to swallow and a little unexpected. The writing in the novel was amazing. The fact that it was so well written was probably my favorite part. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys loves stories.

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