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I would like to start this off by saying that I love the other books she has written and am definitely interested in anything she plans to publish in the future. This book was her second novel and is quite different from her others two. 

Its the story of a girl, Taylor, and her siblings, Gelsey and Warren, whose father has cancer and only a few months left to live. Due to this her father wants to spend his last summer at the lake house they used to stay at every summer until five years ago. Theres a boy at this lake side community. Henry was her first kiss. But now, for some reason that is being avoided for most of the story, he hates her. She gets a job at the beach in the community, only to end up working with her old best friend, who also hates hers. After a while, we start to get flashback chapters, explaining little things that happened five summers prior. 

There is also a dog that hangs around the house. Trying to find out who he belongs to, they take him to the vet, only to find out that the owners must have been the people who rented the house the summer before. They end up keeping the dog, who becomes very attached to Taylors father. As the summer goes on, he gets worse and worse. We learn more about what happened five years ago, and Taylor makes up with the people she hurt. 

This novel was full of laughs and bad puns. It also made me very sad at parts. It was well written and very entertaining. I could not stop reading. It had a cute love story mixed with the reality of losing someone you love. I definitely loved it. I would suggest this book to anyone who loves YA contemporaries and anyone who loves a good summer romance novel. 

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