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This is the story of Cadence. She’s part of a rich family that spends their summers on an island owned by the grandfather. She had an accident at the beach and ended up with a traumatic brain injury causing her to forget what happen, no matter how many times her mother tells her. Eventually it all gets sorted out and Cadence learns what really happened the night of the fire.

It’s a little confusing, especially at first. There is so much to learn and so little time allotted to understand it all. It gets easier as the story goes on, but so much of it is not talked about. There are so many secrets and mysteries. I love the way the author put in fairy tales. Just short little stories, randomly throughout. At first they seem disconnected until you realize how close they come to the truth. It’s like a behind the scenes look at a wealthy family. The best way to go into this story is to just read it. Don’t try to figure it out, just go along for the ride. It is so worth it.

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