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I would like to start this by saying, yes, I have seen the television series. Yes, it spoils some things because I already know what is going to happen, but it also makes it easier to follow since I already have faces to go with the names. And with a confusing series like this, faces make everything better and easier. There are small differences, mostly having to do with details. I’m also entertaining myself by marking the places where someone dies.

Even in the book, there are still those characters I just can’t help but hate. There are character I still love. There are also a lot of characters I am getting to know a lot better than I did watching the show.

I was told the book was hard to read and not well written. I find it very easy to read. I found myself flying through as fast as I could while working most of the day. It took me about 2 weeks, start to finish. Which, with an 800 page book, is pretty good. I would definitely suggest this book to someone who enjoyed the show and also to people who enjoy high fantasy. This book is great if you like multiple points of view and multiple story lines that eventually fall together. I cannot wait to read the next one, but I might have to wait a little while so I don’t overwhelm myself in one world.

Next up: ‘Daisies In The Canyon’ by Carolyn Brown.