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I didn’t know what to expect with this book. I got it for free on kindle. It’s a romance novel that starts with the girls father, who she never knew, dying. He leaves his house to his three daughters. Whoever stays for a full year, gets the house. If not, it goes to the sheriff of the town. Abby, our main character, doesn’t want anything to do with anything of her fathers. Until she meets the sheriff. After that, all bets were off. I knew from there this way going to be a stereotypical romance novel with a cowboy.

There is more back history than needed in any novel. The details are irrelevant, unless you like knowing, in detail, what happens in the fantasy. Half of the scenes are something straight out of a girls dirtiest fantasy. The point of view switches back and forth between Abby and Cooper, the sheriff. That what makes it even more entertaining. Not only is Abby constantly thinking and talking out loud to herself about Cooper, but he’s doing the same thing.

The first time they are alone in the house together they flirt and then have sex on the couch. Like really? While everyone else is at church, they are having sex on the couch. Cue detailed sex scene now. Then freak out! They both agree its a mistake and later talk about it, deciding to put it in the past and work on being friends. Meanwhile The sisters are getting to know each other better.

This book is everything I love to hate. Its cute and fun to read. Its cheesy and super stereotypical. It had me laughing out loud and smiling at everything. It’s a well written book, and a cute story. I enjoyed every second of it. I would definitely suggest this to anyone who reads romance novels and enjoys Hallmark and Lifetime movies.

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