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This is my book club book for the month of June. It’s the story of Finch and Violet. It’s a double perspective, so the chapters switch between the two of them.

Finch is a boy with a few issues. He separates his life in two categories, Awake and Asleep. He doesn’t remember the Asleep. He lives with his sisters and mother. His parents are divorced. Whenever he’s Awake he changes his persona. He’s constantly experimenting with who he is.

Violet hasn’t been the same since the accident. Her sister was driving and they crashed. Her sister died, but Violet was fine. Her and her sister had a blog, but Violet hasn’t written anything since. She also refuses to go in a car.

This book starts at the top of the bell tower of the high school. Finch is debating whether or not to jump when he realizes there is another person up there. Violet is also standing up there. He convinces her to climb back over the railing, then climbs back over himself. When asked about it, he claims she talked him back over. From then on he finds ways to talk to her, starting with making a Facebook, and then making her his partner for a class project.

As the book goes on, Violet and Finch get closer. He constantly points out, mostly to make her more comfortable, that they are just friends, he is not trying to get her in bed or anything of the sort. He convinces her to be his partner for a class project. They have to visit land marks in the state. The first few they ride bikes. It takes a while, but he manages to get her in a car. The landmarks a fun and interesting to read about.

They get close, like expected in a teen novel. It doesn’t feel like an expected novel though. It has the cute parts and the arguments, but the relationship between them is one I haven’t seen before. The friendship there is something I wish I had when I was younger. It’s fun and innocent. Both thinking it, but neither acting or saying anything about it. Eventually the relationship changes and get sexual. They become everything to each other.

The story stay happy for a long while. Finch is ok. Violet is improving. Everything is going good. Until Finch starts to feel down again. He retreats a little, blocks himself off. Then he disappears. It hit hard when they found him. And the rest of the book follows that same pattern.

This book was amazingly well written. It was deep and light at the same time. It really showed the other side of someone going through mental illness and suicidal thoughts. The author did a good job getting inside the head of both characters. They were completely believable and I fell in love with them as I read their story. I wish it had ended happier. It got really sad and deep towards the end and followed that mood all the way through. There were a few moments after the climax that were happy, but nothing compared to the rest of the book.

I would not suggest this book to someone who is depressed or easily triggered by books of this nature. It was hard for another member of my book club to get through, due to the slightly graphic and detailed nature. I would suggest this book to someone who can handle this content. It’s a really good YA book that can also be read by an older or younger crowd.