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This is definitely different from anything I’ve ever read. There was nothing expected about any of this book. From the conflict, to the way the conflict was solved. The characters were detailed and dynamic. The writing was easy and enjoyable to read. It did not take me long to get through. This book had everything that a good story needs. Interesting characters, sexy women, and bad guys. There is good fun and dangerous fire-fights. Mainly based in Texas, this book also travels to Mexico and multiple Caribbean islands. There were Russians, Germans, Hispanics, and Americans involved in every part of the conflict.

Sheriff Hardin Steel is an ex-DEA agent in Texas. He and some friends start this novel setting up a drug bust for a Mexican Cartel leader named Ochoa. Ochoa is the son of a Nazi SS officer, who escaped to Mexico. The drug bust leaves a few men on each side dead, and angers a lot more people. The rest of the novel is spent with Hardin trying to get Ochoa and Ochoa trying to get Hardin. As the novel goes on, more people end up dead. This novel has an open ending, so we never find out if either dies. This was a good way to end the book. Waiting to find out who died was the most exciting part of the book, and kept me hanging on until the last page. I just wish there was more.

I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys police novels and anything set in the South. It was fun to read, and definitely something I am glad I read.