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This book is about the Great Hurricane of 1938, that struck the New England area. It told the stories of people who lived through the storm. Over 800 people died in the 3 hours it lasted. There was 4.7 million dollars in damage, including houses, cars, and property loss. The shore line changed drastically as the ocean claimed back the sand dunes it had been building for centuries.

This was a very well written book. The stories that it tells are heartbreaking and encouraging. Through out the whole book you wonder who will make it through and who will not. I loved reading every part of this book. It starts out following the storm up from the equator, going through Florida and up the Carolina coast, until it made landfall in Rhode Island. The Weather Bureau was just starting up and made a few mistakes during the course of the storm. The storm was highly underestimated as just a gale.

This is a great book for anyone who enjoys non-fiction, science, history, and just learning. It was well written and very easy to read. I learned a lot. Definitely a new favorite.