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This was the first book that I fully listened to as an audio tape. I borrowed it from a friend for a trip to visit my parents. It managed to fill all but the last hour of my drive. It was my first experience with an audio book.

I loved it. I loved the person who was reading it. When she changed the voice for each character, it made it so much easier to follow. The only thing that made me sad was the skipping. A few of the CDs skipped. I missed a little of the story, but hopefully not anything to important. One day, I hope to get a physical copy and read it for myself. It was an amazing story. Heartfelt and warm. It made me happy and sad. I am so glad I was able to listen to it.

Definitely a book I would recommend. It is a lesser known classic, but still an amazing one. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys classics, or anyone who enjoys older books about an earlier, and simpler, time in American history. This is an amazing read and/or listen.