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This is a story about a family that moves to the other side of the country to follow a church. They live in their van in San Francisco. The father is a heave believer in the pastor. They have eat free food given out at churches and any money collected in other churches for them is given to Brother John. The main character Abigail has a twin brother, Aaron, who wants to leave. He sneaks out most nights, just to get away. One night Abigail follows him, everything changes. Aaron wants to leave. He wants to go back to North Carolina and live with their uncle.

This novel was really interesting to read. Its a very sad story for the children living it. Being taken away from everything they know, just to follow a church. There is a lot of conflict, both internal and external. A majority of the novel takes place in her head as she tries to decide what to say and what not to say. The family has issues, but no one will admit them out loud until it is impossible to ignore, and even then, the father tries.

This was a well written novel and definitely a good read. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys YA. It is a very good family story. Definitely a book club book.