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This was an interesting read. It started a little slow, but ended on an interesting note. It was a fascinating topic to learn about as the book went on. It is not the best writing, but the story makes up for it in charisma.

This story takes place in an apocalyptic future. Technology got more advanced and people gave in to suggestions. Eventually they started to mix technology with humans, until one day, it all blew up. Or something like that. Regardless of what happened, they now live in small villages and have very little, if any technology. The people use horses and write letters, instead of cars and phones.

The main character is a boy named Sebastian. He lives with his mother. His father died when he was 13 and his mother becomes sick. He convinces the doctor to take her to the nearest hospital, which is very far away, and his aunt comes to live with him. She spend all the money they had and mistreats him until she is killed when the cyborgs attack.

This first novel follows Sebastian on his travels to get away from the cyborgs that seem to be chasing him and his journey to find his mother. It was a fun read. I plan on reading the next novel soon. It is part of a four book series. I would definitely suggest this to someone who enjoys YA and dystopian.