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This was a short story about an old man fishing. He has a boat and he goes out on the water every day hoping to catch something. He has had bad luck and the story picked up on the 84th day. On the 85th day he catches a small fish and a hooks a large one. The rest of the book is spent on his travel trying to tire out and catch the fish. The great fish pulls him out to sea for three days and nights. After he catches the fish he has to bring it back to land, which is out of sight.

There wasn’t much of a point to this novel. It was 120 pages. It was a quick, but slightly boring read. Most of it is spent out to sea and in the mans thoughts. Its not a bad novel. A good short story if you aren’t ready to tackle the whole of ‘Moby Dick.’ There isn’t much to say about this book. I’m glad it was my first attempt at Hemingway and I am definitely ready to read some of his longer pieces. It was a good introduction.