Today I tried using twitter for the first time while reading a book. I didn’t get a huge response, but I also don’t have much of a following anywhere but Instagram. I liked the response I got though. I had a few people favorite my tweets, so I know someone saw them, and I also had someone reach out and tweet me back. We had a short conversation, and I now follow her here and there.

I think it was fun reading and tweeting. I was able to put thoughts down in writing that I would have forgotten. Also, it gives me a better way to talk to people. I can have an instant conversation instead of comments. It feels a little more personal.

The main reason for this post is so I can set my guidelines for how I will be treating my live posts.

1. Books less than 10 years old, no spoilers

2. If a book is over 10 years old, there will most likely be spoilers, but you have had plenty of time to read it

3. The posts will be sporadic, as  I may not be able to read a book in one sitting.

4. I will always leave a link to my official review in the last post I make.

5. Hopefully there will be conversations in the middle with new friends.

My websites include

twitter: @mandysue93

instagram: @mandysue93