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This was the first book in a new series, it is also the first book written by this author. It is quite apparent in some places that is the first. The writing went back and forth between really good, and God awful in some spots. This book was recently published and still has some revision work that needs to be done. Otherwise, it was a fun plot and I am excited to read the next book.

The story takes place in multiple spots in history. It starts in 1812, then flashes forward to present day. It also has part of it based in Eden, a land outside of time and space. I love this concept. It’s fun and interesting, and quite different from most of the books I read. Rolland, the main character, doesn’t have full time travel abilities, but he can slow time down.

Not long after he find this out, he screws everything up. He messes with a machine he shouldn’t and gets all of the Knights of Time sent back to 1817. They get caught up in the Seminole War and Andrew Jackson turns out to have a special ability also. He can control people. So the Knights of Time have to fight him and the local Indian tribes in order to stay alive and somehow get back to Eden.

It was a fun adventure. There were spots in this book that were just amazingly written. There were also some spots where it didn’t seem like much thought had been put into how the scene  should go in order to make sense. The author did a good job of being historically accurate, as far as I could tell. For a first book it was really good. I think it’ll be a fun series to read. I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre, and anyone who enjoys historical adventure novels.