I read this series in middle school and I remember loving it, but I don’t remember anything that happens. I am re-reading it so I can understand again why I fell in love with it in the first place. Part of me feels like I skipped the first book and went straight to the second. I completely forgot everything that happened in this book.

I didn’t realize until re-reading this series that Tally isn’t even that rebellious to begin with. It doesn’t start until she meets Shay. Shay doesn’t just sneak into New Pretty Town, she also goes outside the borders to the ruins, which are off-limits. Shay is the adventurous one who doesn’t want to be like everyone else. Tally wants to have a little fun, but she still wants to be pretty.

It’s fun reading about the ruins and realizing what they are actually talking about. As Tally travel she follows along a train track, which she thinks is just a flat roller coaster. After she makes it to the Smoke, which she is doing because Special Circumstances told her to, her whole attitude changes. She’s suppose to turn on a tracker to alert Special to where she is, but she doesn’t do it right away. As the days go on, it get harder for her to send the alert. She isn’t sure anymore that she wants to be pretty.

Eventually Tally ruins this, like she seems to ruin everything. The rest of the novel is spent fighting Specials and breaking into to places and a lot of hiding. It is an amazing first novel. It ends at such a good spot and I cannot wait to pick of ‘Pretties’ and read it.