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In this novel we meet Monsieur Perdu. He has a book barge. When we meet him he has just acquired a new neighbor. He gives her a table in which she finds a letter from an old lover of his. This letter causes a few problems. She left the letter 21 years ago and he has refused to read it until after he has dinner with his new neighbor.

After reading the letter he discovers that his past lover is dead, and has been for almost 20 year. Then he decides to leave. The next day he disconnects his barge from the sidewalk and leaves. Right as he is pulling away, another neighbor of his, a young author, hops aboard. They travel south meeting some interesting character and ending up in the middle of a convention.

This book has so many literary references that I understood and probably plenty more that went straight over my head.

This was an amazing novel and I am so glad I had the chance to read it. It was a fun tale of a mans travels, not just through France, but also through his past. We learned about life and love and the best way to chose a book. I would suggest this to anyone who loves books and anyone who enjoys translated books. This was my first, that I know of. I loved every second of this book and I am so grateful to the person who suggested it to. I could not thank her enough.