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This book takes place in the 1940’s all over America. Its the story of Jack’s travels across the country during this time. He changes the names of the people he met.

He travels from New York to San Francisco multiple times throughout the book. Towards the end he travels to Mexico. He hangs out with a friend, Dean, and meets a lot people during his hitch-hiking.

This book started out fun to read. It was interesting to read about someone hitch-hiking across America. Then it got boring and lazy. He kept doing the same things. They may take place in different places and with different people, but it’s still the same. The Beatnik generation, which this book is supposed to have defined, seems lazy and self indulgent in the worst way. They do nothing with any real purpose during the time that this book takes place.

It’s pointless. This whole book is pointless. It doesn’t have any purpose and it doesn’t contribute to anything except giving money to a man who wrote a stupid book.