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This was written with three different girls telling the story. It’s about a ballet conservatory in New York. This novel is fun of drama and a little bit of fun.

Gigi, Giselle, is a black girl, the only on eat this school, who came from California. She has a heart condition, but doesn’t tell anyone about it. She is a friendly girl and refuses to be mean to anyone. When she gets the lead in two different ballets, and gets a new boyfriend, she becomes the newest target for some mean girls.

Bette, the perfect ballerina. Her sister was a the star of everything when she was at the school. Her mother has high expectations. She’s a bit of a mean girl, and isn’t any nicer after she losing the lead, that she feels she deserves, to a new girl at the school. Not only that, she also loses her boyfriend.

June, a half-Asian who doesn’t know her father, who also has a severe eating disorder. She lost her friends when one of the girls made up a rumor. She doesn’t know how to be nice and make friends anymore. Gigi is her roommate, but she can’t stand her. Some of the events that happen in this novel cause her to do a few things she isn’t exactly proud of.

This novel takes place over the span of an entire school year. It is an amazing insight into a world that I know nothing about. It was heartbreaking, but there were a few moments of fun. There were some cute and romantic moments.

The actual reading experience of this book was amazing. It was written at a really good pace and was so easy to read. It was written so well, I felt like I was personally invested in the story.

I don’t know if I would necessarily suggest this to someone who actually went to a ballet school, because I don’t know how true any of this is. However, if someone did do ballet and wants to let me know how accurate it is, I would love to know. I would suggest this to someone who enjoys novels about ballet or drama. It was a fun read. I  feel like I am doing a horrible job of describing this book. But believe me, it’s really good!