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This book is about a girl named Fiona. It tells 2 different stories of her life. One in which she runs into a popcorn cart and has hot oil scar her face and one where she doesn’t. In one story shes a shy girl. Hides from most things and has a few really good friends. She gets into the college of her dreams and eventually has corrective surgery. In the other, she is the best girls lacrosse player in the state and her best friend is the boy she has a crush on in the other story. She ends up with a boyfriend who dies and has a harder time getting into college.

This was an interesting concept. It entertains that whole ‘what if?’ scenario that we all think about. It’s something that is almost programmed into our brains, to wonder ‘what it?’. I always wonder about what if my parents had had me and my brother sooner? I know I would be older. I would be almost 27, but what would I have been like. Would I enjoy reading as much? Would I have ever learned about anime? Would I even have a blog?

I only had one problem with it. I felt like the author tried to hard to make the stories intertwine. It makes sense that some of the character are in both stories. She would have gone to the same school regardless, but some of the character don’t go to the school. They can only be met by pure coincidence.

Regardless of that, it was still an amazing story. I enjoyed every part of and I am so glad I finally got to read it. I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys YA, since it is a YA book. I would also recommend this to someone who is always asking ‘what if?’ It’s a very satisfying answer.

What are your biggest ‘What if?’s?