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The novel takes place in Washington. Most of it takes place in Seattle. Ana, the middle child, is a straight A student. She’s in archery and the quiz bowl team. She does what her parents tell her to, when they tell her to do it. She doesn’t talk back. Zak is an only child. His father passed away and his mother remarried to Roger. Zak can’t stand Roger. He’s a geek. He goes to conventions and play table-top and card games. He’s failing health class.

Zak, because of his failing health class grade, is forced to join the team for the Quiz Bowl, which happens to be the same weekend as Washingcon. At the Quiz bowl, Clayton, Ana’s little brother, finds out about the convention and decides to sneak out. After realizing that Clayton is gone, Zak and Ana go to the convention in hopes of finding him and getting caught.

Hilarity ensues in this amazingly written novel. Zak is such a fun character to read about, I wish I could meet him. Ana is a little annoying at first, but she really grows in this story. It only takes 2 days for all of the events to happen. And it does have a bit of that unbelievable ‘love at first sight’ thing that teenagers do sometimes. Other than that, it was so much fun to read. I was actually laughing out loud. I think I worried, or annoyed, my neighbors a little. I talked to myself in the mirror(it helps when I can’t actually talk to a real human) and had my hand over my mouth laughing.

This was an amazing novel that I would suggest to anyone who doesn’t mind a little over the top drama. Some things are a little unbelievable, but what good novel isn’t. Any one who goes to conventions can appreciate the references made. Definitely a novel to check out.