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The basic story takes place in an apocalyptic future. Technology got more advanced and people gave in to suggestions. Eventually they started to mix technology with humans, until one day, it all blew up. Or something like that. Regardless of what happened, they now live in small villages and have very little, if any technology. The people use horses and write letters, instead of cars and phones.

I was excited to finally get around to reading this book. The first book in this series was so good I flew through it, it was easy and fun to read. I wrote a review for it here. This book, the second one, was so much fun to read. I couldn’t put it down. It was so interesting and amazingly well written. I really enjoyed it.

In this novel Sebastian and his friends fight the cyborgs again. This time the cyborgs not only have dragons, but they also have sullivans. Sullivans are even harder to defeat and they managed to destroy a lot of the city before being defeated. This time Sebastian and his group of friends decided to take the fight to the cyborgs by invading the hive, where they live.

The characters were not the easiest to relate to, but they were fun to read about. Each character had different traits and they were all very well written. Melanie is still my favorite. The author did a great job of writing a great series. He did a great job of making a second novel that was just different enough from the first.