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This month I found a book club on Goodreads which I have linked for you here. Every month there are three books chosen for read-along. I only owned one of them, so instead of buying a new book, I just read the one I had.

I have been meaning to read this book for a while, over a year, but never picked it up. I always thought it seemed a little scary. It was, but not as scary as I thought. It was also fun and quirky. I enjoyed the characters and the world building(mostly the loops and such).

This book follows Jacob as he grows. Early on in his life his grandpa tells him crazy stories about peculiar children, and his life living with them. Jacob believes them for a while and then as he grows he starts to doubt what his grandpa told him. Eventually his grandpa dies. He is found in the woods cut open and bleeding to death when Jacob gets there. After he says his last words, Jacob looks up and see one of the monsters his grandpa told him about. This starts him in therapy.

That’s all I can really tell you without spoiling the story. It was so much fun to read. There were a few parts that I read a bit faster and didn’t read every detail because they were a bit scary and I didn’t want that image in my head so close to bedtime. It had a great plot and the storytelling was amazing. It ended in a satisfying place that makes it easy to wait for the next book. It’s not a crazy cliffhanger, but it does set up for another book to easily pick up right were this one left off. I definitely recommend this any one who hasn’t yet read it. It was so good and I am so glad I finally picked it up. Now I just have to read the next one.

That’s in for the spoiler free section. Now onto the good stuff!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After Jacob goes to therapy he comes to terms, mostly, with the death of his grandpa. Then he decides he wants to go to the island where the children’s home is located. His therapist agrees that it’s probably a good idea and will help him.

The island was so much fun to read about. When he got to the island I got excited, I thought he was going to find the home and it would all get explained. NOPE!~

He gets to the island and finds out the house is empty. It was hit during a bombing in the 1940’s. The house is creepy and old and abandoned ad something I never would have set foot it. It was fun to read about and Riggs did a great job describing it.

I loved reading about the kids and their peculiar traits. They were all so well written and developed. It made the characters that much more real. The way they all reacted to Jacob and to the news of his grandpa, whom they all knew very well.

The conflict in this story is between the peculiar children and the hallowgast. The hallowgast are a group of peculiar children and the protectors of them called the ymbrynes, they tried to make themselves in to truly immortal beings, it didn’t work and what came of it were the hallowgast. When a hallowgast eats enough peculiar children they turn into wights. The hallowgast are invisible to everyone except a few peculiar’s with the power to see them, Jacob and his grandpa. The wights are visible and look like normal humans except for their eyes, which are completely white. Jacobs therapist is actually a wight and sent Jacob to the island so that he could follow them and find the peculiar children.

I was so shocked when we found that out. He was not only his therapist, but he had also been his bus driver and a gardener for his family.

Needless to say, all the twists and turns in this book made it so much fun to rea. I enjoyed every minute of it. I cannot wait to pick up ‘Hallow City.’

QOTP: Have you read this book? What was your favorite peculiar child?