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I read this book during the BookTube-A-Thon at the beginning of the month.

This book was so well written. It was so beautiful and easy to read. The characters were easy to get to know and they were believable. It was a sad time in history, but this novel captured it so beautifully.

‘All The Light We Cannot See’ is about a girl in France and a boy who starts in Germany, and their lives before, during, and after the Holocaust and how it effected so many lives. The girl, Marie-Laure, goes blind when she is six years old. She lives with her father. When the war starts, they have to leave their home and go to live with his uncle. The boy, Werner, grows up in an orphanage with his sister until he is chosen to become a Hitler youth. He studies radios and works with the Nazis locating illegal radio transmissions.

The way this novel was written makes it so easy to read about such a horrible time. It’s written in short chapters and alternating perspectives. It’s written completely in 3rd person, but it goes back and forth between the different characters. I love the way the author did this along with flash back chapters. It tells the story of the present and the story of the past, leading up to the present, and then continuing into the future. It made to so much better to read than if Doerr had just written in chronological order.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

The biggest thing that bothered me were the random disappearances. They made sense and fit in with the story, but they made me sad. Werner’s death was probably the most disappointing. I was reading the story, waiting for them to meet and then to continue on together, but nope!~ Doerr had to kill Werner. Werner had to walk out into a field and step on a mine. Blew himself up.

I loved that Jutta, Werner’s sister, went to visit Marie-Laure after she found out about her. It was really sweet. They spent the day together at the museum and it was just so nice to read about something semi happy happening.

I don’t really have much else to say about this book. I really enjoyed the story and I loved the writing. Anthony Doerr did a great job. I would definitely suggest this to anyone who can handle this type of book, since it is about a more sensitive subject.