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This is a multi-generational autobiography about the life of Abdulkarim, his father, and his grandfather, and the trials of being kicked out of their home country and being raised as refugees. It has a brief history of the father and grandfather and mostly focuses on Abdulkarim, and his life as a refugee and an outsider in every country he travels to and lives in.

Before I picked this up I knew nothing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or how it arose. After reading this I feel like I understand better what some people can go through. I have a better understanding of just how hard it is to be an outsider everywhere you ever live, to never have a true home country. It’s awful. The way the Palestinian people are treated, mainly by the Israelis, is just horrible. It makes me feel blessed to have grown up in America instead of in a refugee camp. It also gives me a better understanding for those people.

This was an amazingly well written book. Abdulkarim did an amazing job sharing not only his story, but the story of the struggle of his people. He told us how it came about and how he overcame his situation. I would suggest this to everyone and anyone who wants to read this. It is full of facts, but is written as a story, not as a history. All of the people in this are easy to understand and easy to feel for. I am definitely glad I was able to read this.