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This book starts out as a simple get rich plan for accountant, Andrew Engals. It has a simple story line and simple plot. What Andrew does to create a mobile app in order to get rich. Slowly another plot line appears, a reporter trying to find out what happened to a bunch of girls who had gone missing.

This story takes place on the Gold Coast in Australia. Andrew is miserable at his accounting job and decides to quit and make it big in mobile apps. He doesn’t know anything about mobile apps. With the help of one of his friends and a guy they met at an event, they create an app, Tuna Life. Tuna Life is an app that allows it user to see what they would look like in different outfits without actually having to try them on.

The minor plot is about girls going missing and a journalist who wants to know what happened to them. He believes there is a serial killer, but no one else believes him.

This was really long, but still really good. I was confused for most of the book about what the true plot was. It gradually changes from the get rich plan to the murder plot. Erik Hamre did a really good job with this novel. I really enjoyed it.

~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The whole murder plot was a little annoying at first because it wasn’t clear what the point was. It was vague and random and didn’t really go with the rest of the story. As the story goes on it becomes more and more clear why this is a major plot line. It gets more and more intertwined with the app as the people involved in the app are the one suspected by the journalist. The murderer is thought to be 4 or 5 different people before they finally figure out who it really is. I won’t actually say who it was, but I did not think he was even an option.