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This is about Rachel falling in love with her best friends fiance, Dex, a few months before the wedding. Rachel is Darcy’s maid of honor. On her birthday, Darcy goes home early and Dex goes home with Rachel. Needless to say, the events of this night affect both of them for the rest of the summer and cause quite a few problems.

This was one of the two books I am buddy reading with two other girls on Goodreads. I chose the books because one girl wasn’t responding and the other didn’t care what we read. I am so glad I chose this one to start with. I have been wanting to read this book for a while. I love Emily Giffin. I have read two of her other books and they were just as cute. All of her books have a big issue in them that always gets resolved, but she does a good job of making each one stand out. She is an awesome author and I cannot wait to read more of her books. I would definitely recommend her if you like contemporary romance with adult characters.

~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I loved every part of this book. It was cute and fun. My favorite character was Ethan. He was probably the best person for Rachel to visit while she waited for Dex to make a decision. He wasn’t judging, he was just listening. Darcy annoyed me. She reminded me of friends that I have had. She was self centered and ridiculous.

Rachel annoyed me a few times when she wasn’t sure what she wanted and when she was so desperate for Dex to do what she wanted him to do. Their relationship was cute, but at the same time it was predictable. I still enjoyed it though.

I don’t really know what else to write for this part of the review, so I am going to answer the reading group questions. I encourage you to read this book and answer the questions in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.

1. What do you think was the real impetus behind Rachel’s decision to sleep with Dex after her birthday party? Was it about her desire to break out of her good girl persona? Was it about a long standing resentment toward Darcy? Or was it both?

I think it was an accident that came from a deep rooted resentment towards Darcy and her “perfect” life. It could also have been the break out desire, but not as much. It could also have been from the lack of sexual activity in her life.

2. How do you view Dex? How would you describe Dex and Rachel’s relationship? What drew them together? Did you root for them to be together? Do you think they have true love?

I was rooting for them the whole time. When she talks about how they met in college and how their friendship was always there. If she hadn’t introduced him to Darcy, I think they would have been together sooner and maybe the whole time.

3. Is anything about Rachel and Darcy’s friendship genuine? Do you believe it has changed over time? Why does Rachel defend Darcy against attacks from Ethan and Hillary? Compare and contrast Rachel’s friendship with Hillary and Ethan to her friendship with Darcy.

When you have a friend for that long, it isn’t easy to just drop them. You know who they are on a deeper level then if you only know someone for a few years. Because of that and the relationship they have with each others families.

4. Do you think Dex and Darcy would have married if it weren’t for Dex’s affair with Rachel? Why did he stay with Darcy for so long?

They would not have gotten married unless she hide her pregnancy form him and then claimed it was his. And if she hid it until after the wedding, there would have been a divorce in their future.

5. How did Rachel’s flawed self-image contribute to the dilemma that she faces? What do you see as her greatest weakness? Does she care too much about what people think of her?

She puts herself down which makes it easier for Darcy to win. She doubts everything while Darcy stands tall and proud and doesn’t take no for an answer.

6. Was Rachel’s moral dilemma made easier because of Darcy’s personality? Would she have acted on her attraction to Dex if Darcy were a different kind of person and friend? If Rachel had fallen in love with Julian, would she have pursued the same course of action? How does Rachel rationalize her affair with Dex?

Rachel rationalizes it with the fact that she knew him first. She introduced them and that Darcy doesn’t appreciate him. Darcy made it easier by being so self centered.

7. What is the significance of the dice? What risks does Rachel take when she pursues her relationship with Dex? What is the biggest moment of risk for her? How does Rachel grow and change in the novel?

The biggest risk she takes is telling Dex the truth, telling him to call off the wedding and that she loves him. The only growth she has in the novel is learning to believe in herself, but she only does that when she wins. She doesn’t have a lot of growth because it is still all dependent on Dex and what his decision is.

8. Disloyalty is a major theme in this novel. How differently do men and women view cheating on a friend? Why is Darcy so indignant when she catches Dex and Rachel together when she has been having an affair of her own?

Darcy is so mad because she is use to winning. She always gets what she wants. She isn’t the kind of girl that gets cheated on and then she does.

9. Under what circumstances is it justified to choose love over friendship? How important is it for women to stick together? Have you ever been in a friendship like Darcy and Rachel’s? Should you ever jettison a friendship that isn’t working anymore?

The only time love can be chosen over friendship is when it is a toxic friendship. Rachel’s friendship with Darcy was not a healthy one. It is full of comparisons and competitions. Friendships like that aren’t healthy and should not continue.

10. This novel is told from Rachel’s perspective. How do you think Darcy would tell the same story? How do you think she would describe Rachel? How do you think she views their friendship?

She probably doesn’t think anything is wrong with it. Rachel is her best friend from childhood and should be there when she needs her. Darcy also probably thinks she is helpful, not realizing what shes doing to Rachel.

11. This book ends at a crossroads for all the characters. What do you see happening? Will Rachel’s relationship last with Dex? Do you think Darcy got what she deserved in the end or do you feel sorry for her? Do you think she’s capable of true love? Will Rachel and Darcy ever salvage their friendship? Do you think the ending of Something Borrowed is a happy one?

I don’t feel sorry for Darcy, she cheated too. I hope Rachel and Dex work out and I hope Darcy can make it work with Marcus. It was a bit of a dramatic ending, but it was satisfying.