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This one is probably one of the easiest topics in a while. A little background~

I started this blog in May, and before that I was active on Goodreads. I have been off-and-on active on Instagram and Twitter. I have been consistently active on this blog for 4 months now. I don’t have a large following, but it doesn’t really bother me much at all.

  1. The community                                                                                                                    Since starting this blog, I have become more active in a couple Goodreads groups, one of the being the Top 5 Wednesdays and the other is a book club. It’s been fun getting ideas from these to groups of things to read and write about.
  2. Having a place to put my thoughts                                                                                         This is truly a safe place for me. I feel I can post whatever I want and I have no fear of anyone getting mad at me for my opinion. Also, it gives me a format with which I can put everything in one place.
  3.  Having this blog is helping me get better at writing reviews. Its helping me get better at getting all my thoughts out in an organized manner.
  4. It gives me something to do when I get bored                                                                       I can either write about something or I can read someone else’s post. There’s plenty to do and read on this site
  5. Its just nice to have. It helps me keep track of everything.

Do you have a blog? If so, what is your favorite thing about it?