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I have recently decided I wanted to start writing discussion posts on here in the hopes of getting more interaction for the people reading this blog. Also, hopefully some of these will get you thinking about things too.

The thing that got me to write this out was ‘is it the pattern or the fiber?’ That is in regard to the way one feels while working on a project. What makes the project better, easier, more relaxing, or just plain nicer to work on? Is it the actual pattern or is it the way the yarn feels while working with it? Same thing in regards to books. Is it the plot line or the writing style? What makes the book good? Is it the way the author wrote the paragraphs, or is it the way the plot moves along? For most it may be both, and it definitely varies between people, but what is the major draw for you?

I think it depends on the story. If the plot is ok, but the writing is amazing, it is forgivable. When the plot is a great idea, but the writing is poor, I don’t usually finish. I never realized it before, but since starting this review channel and reading more, I’ve come to realize just how important the writing is. It makes all the difference, between I so-so book and one the best books I’ve read that month. It changes everything.

One book I was reading, I absolutely loved the plot, I gave it 3 stars because the writing was so bad in some places I wanted to quit. It was good in other areas, but some spots were just so bad that I almost quit the book completely. A few book I have recently read for review had iffy plot lines, but the writing was so good I couldn’t put them down.

I think the reason for this is that since I have started reading more and thinking about the books more, I have realized what good writing truly is, this I also realized more as I got older. Good writing is open to interpretation, it does depend on what style you enjoy reading. It also depends on who the audience is. when a book is geared towards a younger audience, it usually comes under less scrutiny than a book aimed at an older, maybe college aged audience.

What do you think makes a story great? Is it the plot or the writing? Please, discuss this with me.