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This is the second book I read this month as part of a buddy read on Goodreads. The other book we read was ‘Something Borrowed.’ It comes before this book. I have linked my review for it here. Make sure you check that out before this one because there are a few spoilers.

Unlike the first book, this one is written from Darcy’s perspective. It starts right after the first book, picking up with her catching Dex, her now ex-fiance, in Rachel’s closet in his boxers. Then we follow Darcy as she tries to make it work with Marcus, her baby daddy, who she cheated on Dex with. We follow her through that bad relationship and then in her move across the ocean to live with her friend Ethan in England. Originally she plans on finding a wealthy guy over there to take care of her, but things quickly change.

This book was so much fun to read. I hated Darcy at first, she’s spoiled and self-centered and just an all around awful person. Eventually she grows up and when she does, she becomes a lot better to read about. Still not completely relatable, but definitely closer. There isn’t much to say without giving away the story so I will stop this review here and tell you to read the book. Then come back and talk to me about the spoilers located below.

~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still can’t believe how this book ended. Her transformation was a little far-fetched, but not so much that it was completely unbelievable. Ethan was amazing. He was harsh at first, but came around when Darcy started to change. I’m really glad this whole book was focused on revenge. It very easily could have been.

I think the twins were a really good addition to the story. They helped make Darcy’s change a bit more realistic with how dramatic it was. And when her and Ethan got married, it just made me ‘Awww!’

Now I am going to answer the Read Group Questions.

1. Many readers of Something Borrowed expressed doubts at being able to read and enjoy a book from Darcy’s point of view. Were you reluctant to read her story? Did your feelings about her ever change? If so, at what point in the story?

I wasn’t reluctant to read it, I wanted to read them as a set, but I wasn’t sure about Darcy as a character after the first book. Throughout a good portion of this book she was still self-centered and obnoxious. It took until Ethan told her off before she became a semi-good person. I think the twins are what really made her change though.

2. What do you view as Darcy’s greatest weakness? Could this also be considered her greatest strength? If so, how?

She is very self assured. It is her downfall when she is trying to make friends because she comes off a bit brash, but it is a good trait to have when you have to be on your own.

3. What do you think caused Darcy’s breakup with Marcus? Do you think Marcus was more or less responsible for it than Darcy?

Darcy was trying to hard to change a man who didn’t want to be changed and who didn’t want to be in the situation in the first place.

4. In many ways this is a story about personal growth and transformation. Do you think people can fundamentally change? How difficult did it seem for Darcy to change? What role did Ethan play in those changes? What role did her pregnancy play?

It took almost 3/4’s of the book for her to truly change. Once she set her mind to it, she did it fairly quickly. Having Ethan and the twins really helped her change. She wanted to be better for all of them.

5. What do you think would have become of Darcy if she had not become pregnant? If she hadn’t gone to London? What do you think some of the key differences in living life in London as opposed to New York? Do you think some of these differences helped Darcy evolve?

It helped her separate from Rachel and Dex. If she had stayed in New York they would always be there, in the same city, almost taunting her. Being so far away and with someone who didn’t take her crap, Ethan, really helped make her a better person.

6. How do you think Darcy’s relationship with her mother played a role in the person she was?

Her mom was a bitch.

7. In what ways are Dex, Marcus, and Ethan different? In what ways are they similar? Do you think their similarities are true of men in general?

Dex and Ethan were both there. They were mostly dependable men. Marcus was not. Marcus and Ethan didn’t put up with Darcy’s shit. Dex did. They were all fairly different men.

8. Where do you see Darcy and Rachel in five years? Ten?

Working on their friendship from afar.

9. If you were Darcy, would you have been able to forgive Rachel? Would you have invited her to your wedding? Do you feel there is a line that can be crossed in friendship, where forgiveness isn’t possible?

I honestly don’t know. I would like to think that I could be that mature about it, but at this stage in my life, I do not know.

10. What are your views regarding the closing sentences of the book: “Love and friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them”?

They are two of the most important things in out lives. Who we love and how we have as friends. A lot of times they tend to be the same people and they tend to have lasting impacts on our lives no matter how long, or short, they are in them.