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I have done some major adulting lately. I’m organizing my life, getting my finances in order, and doing some plain grown-up things. I started this by getting a day-planner to keep track of work, baby-sitting, reviews, and school, along with organizing and planning my money. I added to this by using my check book to keep track of my spending instead of just using my phone.

I also got a new desk. I am currently sitting at it while I type this up. It has much more room than my old desk, which my fiance is now using, and It it much easier to organize. I have so many drawers!

My favorite thing that I have started doing in building my collection of blank and ‘Thank You’ cards. This way I am always prepared. Because of this, I was just able to write letters to family and friends.

My best accomplishment is my money planning. I not only wrote reminders in my planner, but I set automatic transfers so i don’t have to remember how much I have to spend and how much is going to my credit card. It’s going to make paying off my credit card and my lenscrafters card a lot easier.

My not so super responsible thing of the week was the purchase of my new tea set. It was cheap at Goodwill, and I could not pass up the opportunity to have a matching set of tea cups. I cannot wait to have a tea party.

It always makes me happy when I get the chance to do something that makes me feel like a true adult. I get this small thrill.