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I would like to preface this by saying I did not finish this book.

This is a story about a black hair-dresser in Beverly Hills, Aris. She and a friend, Sharnelle, own an exclusive salon. One of her clients, Erica, who we focus on a lot, has a rich, but abusive husband. Taylor, an attractive business partner, travels the world finding things for Aris to use in her salon. He wants her to travel with him.

The author is very insistent about making sure you know the character are black. She makes sure to point out the skin color of almost every character. This was a little annoying, because it’s mentioned on every other page.

This story was written like a play, complete with instructions of what the characters are doing while they talk. It was interesting to read. I’ve never enjoyed reading plays, but this was kinda fun.

The reason I did not finish was Sharnelle. She irritated me to no end. She always had to make a comment on everyone else life, even when she wasn’t included in the conversation. There are a few comments she makes which are completely of point. One of them being racist and idiotic and if she’s a hairdresser, should really know better than to say. She makes a comment to a white mother with a mixed daughter making it seem like the reason the mother needs help taking care of her daughters hair is that she doesn’t care enough. When really, black hair is a million times harder to take care of than white hair, which if she is a hairdresser, she should know.

The story itself was interesting. The characters were funny and almost relatable. Some of them were absolutely awful and I almost hated them. Most of them were fun to read about. Over all, from what I read, it was a good book and a good story. I would suggest this to someone who enjoys reading about hair, and maybe a little bit of drama mixed in.