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This is the second book in ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ trilogy. The first book explains the world and the peculiar’s. If you have not read that then do not read any further. This is full of spoilers to that book since it is about the second book in the series.

This picks up immediately after the first book stops. We start with the kids leaving the island on three small canoes. In this book they are trying to find another ymbryne to help Miss Peregrine back to her human form. They travel throughout the English country side looking for loops and hopefully another ymbryne.

This was an excellent companion to the first. The characters are just as great. We get to learn more about the kids and some of their pasts. Ransom Riggs knows how to tell a great story. I cannot wait to go pick up the third book.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~

I loved the new peculiar’s we meet in the story. The little girl with the hole in her made me sad though. Even when they tried to help her, all she saw was the bad in them. And realizing that she probably didn’t make it through the war was sad to think about.

The side-show peculiar’s were interesting. They weren’t obvious at first and then they turned blood thirsty. All they wanted was revenge against the wights and hallows.

When we found out the it wasn’t actually Miss Peregrine, but her brother, a wight, I was shocked. I didn’t even think of that as a possibility. I was more convinced they wouldn’t get her back at all.

Emma pissed me off a little when she tried to send Jacob home. He wanted to stay, but she wouldn’t let him. She was convinced that it was better for him to go home/