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To truly start my month of creepy, scary reads I started with the ‘World War Z.’ I saw this movie two years ago and I finally read the book this past weekend. I stayed up most of the night Saturday and finished Sunday. I not only read this book, but also listened to the audiobook while I read. I enjoyed the cast of the audiobook, it made the story much more enjoyable. The only problem I had with the audiobook were the missing sections. It was missing paragraphs in some places and whole interviews in others. For the interviews that were on the audio, they were much more enjoyable.

This is book is an oral history of the Zombie War. The interviewer in the book went to multiple countries to get in contact with multiple people so they could tell their stories. It was separated into sections to help understand the order of how everything happened.

The interviews tell the story of how people became infected, how they dealt with the infected, and how they survived, not just physically, but mentally. During the war was a very trying time and a lot of people took their own lives.

I enjoyed the movie, but was excited to learn how different the book was. The book is so much better. It explains how everything happened, instead of following Brad Pitt while he does unimportant things.

This was so much fun to read at night and the audio made it that much better. I loved reading this book. Max Brooks really knows how to tell a good story.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There were a lot of interesting interviews. I enjoyed Todd Wainio. We hear from him at least 4 times throughout the book. He tells us of his experiences at Yonkers, the huge battle outside New York City, and everywhere else he fought during the war. The voice they use for his interviews was spot on, perfect, and just made it so much better.

The one I couldn’t get out of my head was Jesika Hendricks. Her and her family moved north during the Great Panic. They went all the way up to Canada. When they finally stopped, they stopped at a camp ground with a bunch of other people. Things were great for a while. Until winter and the food ran out. There was one thing that realy stood out about this interview. It isn’t stated as a fact, but it is hinted at. While doin the interview, they are walking around an area in Canada, and the are piles of bones. They are human bones and have been scraped clean with a knife and the marrow has all been extracted.