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This book is just a little fucked up. It is about a woman, Stella Raphael. Her husband moves on the grounds of the mental hospital he works at. Her meets and starts an affair with one of the patients. Nothing good can come from this man, who murdered his wife and feels no remorse. It’s written from the perspective of another psychiatrist at the hospital.

It was really well written. It reads a little slow, but still quite easily. The way it was written doesn’t let you get attached to any of the characters. The whole story is just facts in order. There isn’t a lot of explanation of feelings. It’s almost written as a case-study. This adds to the book more than it takes away. It keeps it at a distance, but still let you understand why everything is happening. I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t as scary or creepy as I thought it was going to be, but it was still very interesting. Patrick did a great job writing an interesting story. It was so different from anything I have previously read.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I think there was something wrong with Peter, the one telling the story. I think, after working in the hospital for so long, he wasn’t quite stable. What doctor proposes to a patient, who was previously married to a colleague and then ran away with a patient. Obviously she isn’t completely stable, no matter what treatments you put her on.

Charlie made me sad. Every time he was brought up, it was sad. He wasn’t cared for as a child should be. He was sad. And then Stella let him die. She let her only child drown. Everything about Charlie made me sad.

It isn’t flat out said, but I think Edgar was going to kill her. Even at the end when he seemed sad that he couldn’t see her. His character scared me a little. He was fine for a while and then he spiraled. He just kept going deeper and deeper until there wouldn’t have been anything left if he hadn’t been caught.