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I expected this book to tear me apart, but it didn’t. There were a few bits that made me a little sad, but it was not as hard to handle as most people say it is. I think if it had been alternating between Jack and Ma, which is what I was expecting, it would have hit me harder. I felt more for Ma than I did for Jack.

This is about a woman, most of the time she is referred to as Ma, and her son, Jack. Ma was abducted 7 years ago when she was 19. Jack was born in the room and is 5. To him, Room is the whole world, there is nothing else.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The only heart stopping moment in this book was when Jack tried to escape and Old Nick kinda caught him. I was worried that he would just take Jack back and that would be the end of it. That after that, Old Nick was gonna do something terrible to Ma.

The grandma was a little annoying. She didn’t really understand what her daughter had just been through. But Ma was also a bit over the top on some things. I didn’t like the way she handled some of it. She worked so hard to get out and then tried to overdose.

I don’t know. It was good, but definitely not a favorite of any sort.