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This is part of a 21 book series about different women of faith and their struggles, both inside and outside of the church. This one is about a woman who finds the church shortly before her mother passes away. Her husband divorces her for her new found religion and she loses her job. The ladies at her church help her through this. One of them offers her a place to stay. Then she found a job and met a man through the church. They got married and then started the problems.

This was an interesting story to read. It is way outside of my normal comfort zone, but I am so glad I gave it a chance It was a perspective I have never read before. I enjoyed the way it was written, it was almost like having a long conversation. Annie was easy to like. I definitely enjoyed this book. I plan on looking into some of the other books in this series.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Annie tells about her new marriage to this great, religious man with a well paying job. Tom is religious, but in all the wrong ways. He’s self-righteous and has certain opinions about a woman’s place in the household. Shortly after they get married, Annie starts attending a ‘Marital Intimacy’ course at the church. The women in the group talk about issues and help each other think of ways to work through them, in both group and one-on-one settings. Annie gets paired with Stephi, a 23 year old. Through out the book, Stephi is a valuable character. She really listens to what Annie has to say and gives her a safe place to complain and think out loud.

The other set of people who truly helped Annie, were the preacher of the church and his wife. They opened their house to her when she didn’t feel ok going home. They had Tom come over and gave them an opportunity to talk out loud about their issues. And when Tom freaked out and stormed off, they let Annie stay the night to give them distance to calm down. They help Annie figure out how to work on fixing the marriage, and when it wasn’t fixable, they helped her get a divorce.

The only person I didn’t like was Tom. He thought the woman should do all the housework and listen blindly to whatever the husband said. He wanted so much to please his parents. He decided to take a promotion, that would forced them to move, and sold the condo, without even giving Annie a heads-up. She slept on the couch in the den for 3 months. But Tom would not divorce her. Annie had to initiate the divorce.