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This is about a family and once a year they become accident prone. There is no apparent reason for this “accident season,” but it happens every year during the month of October. We follow Cara, her sister, Alice, her step-brother, Sam, and her best friend, Bea as they survive this years accidents. The accidents range from small, like Cara cutting her leg on a nail, to huge, like her fathers death.

It was a fun story. There were a lot of characters, but they all had a place, no one seemed unneeded. I had heard a few people complain about the romance in this story being unnecessary. While it could have survived without, it was a fun addition, both of them. I liked the way they explained it in the end. It wasn’t clear from the beginning, but it definitely fit. I enjoyed this book and would definitely suggest it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was a little shocked when the mother came out about Christopher, and then when everything was kinda explained with him. I was also a little shocked at the way the family resolved everything surrounding him. It was definitely not something I expected.

I saw the romance between Sam and Cara coming from the beginning, along with the one between Alice and Bea. I was super happy when it came out about Alice and Bea. I did not like it when they talked about Nick though.