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If you have not read the first book, go read it and check out my review for it here. This review is for the second book in the series and will be full of spoilers to the first book.

You wake up from sedation

in a psychiatric ward.

 You know you’re not crazy

but no one believes you.

Your impossible past is

catching up to you–quickly.

You uncover a secret too big to be untrue,

and your boyfriend is keeping secrets of his own.

You are a walking target.

Can you unravel the lies?

Mara Dyer is about to find out.

At the end of the first book Mara’s father has just been shot and when Mara runs into the police station she thinks she has run into Jude. Jude is her ex-boyfriend who died in the asylum in Rhode Island at the beginning of the first book. At the beginning of the book, Mara wakes up in a hospital, again. I’m not really going to go into to much detail on what actually happens in this book until I get to the spoiler section of this review.

I really like this series so far. Michelle is a great writer. I can’t put these books down, I finished this one in three days. These are really good book for getting out of a reading slump, because they may be a bit big, but they are fast paced and easy to read.

I love the characters. Mara is interesting to say the least. Noah is kinda hot.

One things that bothered me in this book was the lack of paranormal until close to the end. The entire book is set up to make it seem like Mara is just plain crazy. Nothing makes sense and she keeps seeing things. She is also getting very forgetful and starting to sleepwalk.

Overall, I think this was a great addition to the trilogy. It didn’t suffer as a middle book. It wasn’t boring and pointless. It was a necessary book to understand what is happening. I cannot wait to read the next book. I may go get it after work today. I would definitely recommend this series.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The whole thing with Jude was super confusing. Was he real? Is he just a figment of her guilty conscious? Where does he actually play in to all of this?

Bringing Jamie and Stella into the paranormal plot line was interesting, but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

I don’t really have much to say about anything spoilery. Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on the trilogy thus far?