This book will be published on Tues. Nov. 24, 2015. I received an electronic review copy through netgalley. It is being published by Kensington Books and is a romance novel.

I am posting my review a little early due to the fact that I may not have internet access for a week. I also just finished and I’m excited to talk about this book.

This is the story of Ivy Sinclair. She is living in New York and working as a hostess at a hotel restaurant. While at work, Jack Everett, a wealthy, play-boy, business man, comes fumbling in. He hides behind Ivy’s hostess stand from an angry husband. The paparazzi takes pictures and spreads the word that they are engaged.

We follow them as they fake their engagement to help a business merger go through.

This was such a fun story. It was so easy to get lost in the romance and the adventure. There were sad moments, mostly when Ivy thought about lying to her parents, but over all the book was happy.The characters were irresistible. Brunelli was my favorite. He was just an all around fun, loving, family man.

This was Maggie’s first book, but it definitely is not that last that I will read. It was amazingly written, easy to read, easy to enjoy. This was an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to read it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Towards the end when Jack and Ivy called off the wedding and Brunelli came in and admitted he knew, was so funny. Everything he did while they were in Italy made sense. You could tell that he knew they weren’t in love, but he never said anything. He let them tell him.

I knew Daniel was going to go after her when she left Italy. You could just tell he felt like an ass for being an ass to her. But, that didn’t ruin the ending for me. I still loved it when he showed up at her parents house. And then, when they had the wedding in Italy, it made me so happy.