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This is the story of the kids who aren’t saving the world. This is the story of the rest of the characters, the ones you don’t hear about.

We follow Mikey and his friends, who just want to finish high school and graduate, before the school gets blow up again. The chapter titles told the story of the ‘Indie Kids’ who are fighting the evil and dying. There were small mentions of what was going on, but it wasn’t the focus of the story.

Overall it was a fun read. I did have a few problems with this story. Mainly, the unique qualities of the main characters were a bit over the top for a story about “the rest of us.” They seemed a bit too interesting for what it seemed this story was supposed to be about.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Spoiler Alert~~~~~~~~~~

I got really tired of the OCD and God mentions with Mikey and Jared. The OCD wasn’t as bad as the God part. For a story that’s supposed to be about the rest of us, it was still a bit too unique and specific. Especially the God part. It made it a very diverse cast of characters, but I felt it was almost too diverse. There wasn’t a boring character in there. They all had something special about them.