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I’m announcing this a little early, and I will be reminding you later. I am branching out to different social medias. I am currently using Twitter and Goodreads to keep track of my books and to notify people of my new blog posts. I plan to start making videos this upcoming year.

I have a Youtube channel that I have previously posted videos on, which I would not suggest watching, but I will be starting a BookTube channel. My first video will hopefully go live on Wednesday the 6th, but it depends on how my trip goes. I will be traveling to VA the day before, so it may not go up until the 13th. My plan will be to post a video every Wednesday. That is, until my work schedule changes again and my free day is a different one. Hopefully I will still upload that day since my filming will be Tuesdays. All of the videos on my channel will be specifically about books. All of my updates will be done here. Also, everything I make a video of, I will also make a blog post of it. This will still be my main focus.

I use my Goodreads to keep track of my reading progress. I don’t actually posts reviews on there, they are all linked to here. But, I do keep track of when I am reading books and when I finish them. I also plan to use that to keep track of my reading challenges for the year. If you want to follow my challenges and/or join me in the challenges, I will be posting a list of every challenge I plan to start this coming year, along with details on each challenge in case you want to do them also.

Twitter is just for letting you know when I post a review, or a general post. It is also good for keeping in contact with people. It’s a lot easier to talk to people through twitter instead of through the comments on here. Not that I actually have anyone talking to me, that was just the plan for how I want it to work.

Those are my main social media platforms. The links are below in case you are interested.