This is probably one of the most interesting books I have ever read in terms of the set up. It is told completely through emails, IM’s, reports, and other paper work type things. I was worried about this set-up not being a complete story, but it was absolutely great.

This is the story of Kady Grant and Ezra Pound, who break up the day their planet gets invaded. We follow them on the space ships that saved people from their planet.

I thought it was going to be hard to follow the story since it was written this way, but I actually found it quite easy. There aren’t any real gaps in the story because something is always either being recorded or reported. It was interesting to read in this format. I really enjoyed it since it seemed to get straight to the point instead of having all the extra setting details. There isn’t much of setting anyways since it is in space.

This was definitely a fun read and I am glad I read it. I would suggest this to anyone who is thinking about reading this. I have heard of a few people not enjoying it since it is in space and somewhat technical in the lingo used, but I still think most people could enjoy this.


~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~

I was really happy when Kady contacted Ezra. It made me happy to think that they could work it out in space while on the run. I like how the relationship is, it’s semi-realistic. We have two people who both have issues working on their issues together. After the whole planet invasion they really take a step back to think about how unimportant their arguments were. It was refreshing to see both characters admit they were wrong. I was really upset when AIDEN admitted to pretending to be Ezra, but I was so happy to learn that Ezra was alive.

AIDEN was interesting. It seemed that it was starting to gain feelings, even though it couldn’t understand what those feeling were. AIDEN frustrated me for a while, especially the whole blowing up of one of the ships and then releasing infected people into general population. Towards the end I enjoyed AIDEN and the way it helped Kady in the quest to save the other ship and destroy the one hunting them.

I was a little confused on how the files got out to be put into a cohesive document file and who they were being given to, but at the end when Kady is talking to Ezra’s mom, the lady in charge of BioTech, it was much easier to understand. It gave a reason to the file. I liked that addition to the story.