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This is a collection of stories related to ‘The Selection’ series. All the stories are from perspectives other than America, who we follow in the series. As I read the stories I posted updates on Goodreads of each story. Below I have added all of my short reviews of each story and an overall opinion.

I thought this was a great addition to the series. It had that little bit extra that we all want, but usually don’t get. I’m really glad I read it and I can’t to read more by Kiera Cass. She is one of my Auto-buy authors.

‘The Queen’ is such a great addition to this series. It gives an amazing insight, not only on Queen Amberley, but also on King Clarkson. It’s refreshing to read about these characters before they were the King and Queen.

‘The Prince’ was so cute. It was really nice to see what Prince Maxon was thinking when he met the girls. It was also nice to get to see the more human side of him, instead of just as the Prince seen from outside.

I wasn’t really looking forward to ‘The Guard.’ Aspen is one of those characters that annoyed me almost from the start and in this it wasn’t much different. it was pleasant to get his side, but his side was still annoying.

I absolutely loved Marlee when reading the original trilogy and I loved hearing her side of the story in ‘The Favorite.’ Her love for Carter, and his love for her, was the most beautiful thing. It’s an amazing thing when an author can capture the essence of love so purely.

I never liked Celeste in the series. She was always so full of herself and just plain annoying. In the scenes we get from her perspective, you really understand a little more of why she was so unlikable. She knew she was and she didn’t try to fight it. Celeste let herself be unlikable because she had a goal. She did have a change of character towards the end though, which was really nice to see from her point of view

The relationship between Lucy and Aspen shocked me just a little bit. I definitely didn’t see it coming. ‘The Maid’ is a short part of their story before the Selection ends. It was cute.

‘After The One’ was probably the cutest so far. We get to see what America and Maxon are doing for just one day after they are married, but before they have their daughter.

The last thing we get is a summery of a few of the girls from the selection and what they are now doing. I always enjoy it when we get that little extra. It’s something the author doesn’t have to give us, but always makes me happy when they do.