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This is the story of two best friends, Dave and Julie. They are almost done with their senior year of high school when they find a list they made in middle school. The Nevers was a list of things they never wanted to do in high school, to avoid being cliches. After finding the list with only a few months left of school, they decided to do everything on the list, with varied results.

This sounds like an interesting book. It’s the high school experience over the course of 3 or 4 months. I liked the idea and most of the execution, just not the main characters. The side characters were great. They made the story more enjoyable.

Julie annoyed me on a deep level. She was so obsessed with her mom that she couldn’t see the awesome people around her. She was so obsessed with being exactly like her mom she wouldn’t even give anyone a chance. She was one of those overly defensive female characters, which got really annoying after a while. I have so much more to say about her, but you will have to read the book and then the spoiler section of this review.

Dave was less annoying, but still quite annoying. He was almost constantly obsessing over Julie. He would do anything to make her happy and went along with everything she wanted to do. It took most of the book before he finally stood up to her.

The writing was great. It was well planned out, made sense, nothing was unnecessary. The story was ok, and it would have been better if the characters didn’t annoy me so much. It makes me wonder if we were supposed to hate the main characters. While this book was about characters who didn’t want to be cliche, this book was full of cliches, scattered throughout, from the first page to the last. I enjoyed the story, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite out of anything.

~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~

Julie didn’t know how to make up her mind on anything. She decided she would be happy for Dave and Gretchen, and then, the day after the promposal that she helped come up with, she kissed him on the beach and they had sex. That whole situation made me so irritated. Why Dave didn’t stop and think about what he was doing. Instead, he was so obsessed with finally having Julie kiss him. He broke Gretchen’s heart. Gretchen was a much better character, than either of them.

Dave was annoying until he started standing up for himself. When he decided to pursue Gretchen, it was so cute. When he fought with Julie about Gretchen I was proud of him. He finally said what she needed to hear and stood up for, not only himself, but Gretchen and the rest of the school.

Gretchen was probably my favorite. She was real. She had emotions. She said what she was thinking. When Dave cheated, she told him how he hurt her. They had the cutest relationship too. It was cute and sweet, like any high school relationship should be. It was the easy part. The proposal was absolutely the cutest thing ever.

And then you have Brett, Dave’s older brother. I was fine with him for most of the book, He was fun. He was the main outside interaction for our main characters. Until we get to the end, he was pretty good. Then, after going to see a movie with friends and sitting with Julie instead. he walks her to her car and asks if she wants to go to her prom with him, not as a pity date, but because, “This is embarrassing, but I’ve had a crush on you for a while.” He had a crush on his younger brothers best friend. That is the opposite of the normal cliche of having a crush on your friends older brother or your older brothers friends.