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I seem to be doing horrible in these read-a-thon rounds. Yet again, I have only finished one full book. I have a list of books planned, which I talk about here, but I did not manage to get to them. Like last month, I had a busy beginning of the month. This one I wasn’t traveling for, but it was definitely not how I wanted to start my month. I have only finished 2 books so far this month, and it is not looking so good in that aspect.

The only book I finished was ‘The Choice’ by Nicholas Sparks. I will have a review up for this, hopefully, on Thursday. When it is up, it will be linked on here.

Hopefully next month nothing will happen to interfere with my reading.

Did you participate in this round of the #AYearAThon? If so, let me know how many and what books you read. You probably did better than me.