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This is the final book in the ‘Divergent’ trilogy. After this point there will be spoilers for the series up to the third book. Those spoilers will be later.

Here is my review for ‘Divergent’

Here is my review for ‘Insurgent’

In ‘Divergent’ we follow Beatrice as she chooses her new factions, becomes Tris, and changes into a strong young woman. She meets Four, who ends up being a very important person in her life. We get to see the start of their relationship.

‘Insurgent’ starts after the Dauntless attack on Abnegation. Tris goes through so much in this book. She helps encourage the fight against the corruption in the Erudite. She also does a lot of stupid things and almost dies a few times.

This third book, ‘Allegiant,’ follows Tris as they decide to try and get out of the city.

This was so intense, from start to finish. The story line was interesting and nothing that I was expecting. I really like the direction Veronica Roth took with this book.

(I had really great stuff written here until my laptop deleted it. I am trying to retype as much as I can. It is not going to be as good as it was.)

Tris was still a little irritating, but she was also a lot better in this book. She and Tobias were a lot better about talking to each other and trusting each other. I really liked it when they were kissing. It made me giddy inside. It made me really upset when they were fighting though. I didn’t like it because it just kind of stressed me out, because it made me need a hug.

This was a great final novel. I really enjoyed the writing in this. I was completed enthralled in this from almost the beginning. Once I was able to sit down and read, I couldn’t put it down. The last 50 pages or so were the best out of the entire series (more on that in the spoilers) and I almost cried.

I will have a complete trilogy review after I finish ‘Four: A Divergent Collection.’

~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~

I like the description of the genes and the reasons behind the factions. I thought it was so interesting that they were able to identify these genes that control the way our personalities form. I don’t know if this is anywhere close to an actual truth, but I thought it was still an interesting theory.

It did bother me how closed minded those people in the Bureau were. They would not let go the difference between Genetically Pure and Genetically Damaged. 

I don’t really like the way Tris and her friends decided to try and fight the Bureau. It made them too similar to the Bureau. 

I knew Tris was going to die, and I was hoping it was going to be by a gun. I was so upset when she decided to take Calebs place. I knew she had to survive from the gas, but David was there. I did not expect David to be there.

Also, Tobias, reading from his perspective almost made me cry. The ending of this book was so emotional for me because of how well Veronica Roth wrote from his perspective. When he found out about Tris’s death, it just made me need a hug. I am really glad that he did not erase his memory. 

The epilogue was really nice. It was nice to see where Tobias ended up.