‘Four: A Divergent Collection’ is 4 short stories and 3 small excerpts from ‘Divergent’. The first 3 short stories take place before ‘Divergent’ and the other 1 and the excerpts take place during.

The stories were so much fun to read. It gave me a new perspective on Four and just made me love him even more. It helped with the aspect of not being ready to leave this world, but it also made my book hangover so much worse. If you enjoyed reading the series, I would definitely suggest this book too. It was so worth it.

Below here may be spoilers to the series.

Over all the series was fun to read. It was good from start to finish with minimal problems in the middle. Veronica Roth has a way of writing that made me feel emotionally invested in this story. I did not want to let any of the characters go and I may not be able to for a while. Even though I was spoiled for the ending of this series, it did not make it impact me any less. In fact, it made it worse. I kept waiting for it to happen and when it did, I was crushed. Not by the event itself, but by everyone elses reactions to it. Without the reactions, it wouldn’t have meant as much to me.

I love these characters so much. I want so much more. I think there are 2 more short stories, but they take place in-between the books, and I really want to check those out. IF Veronica Roth were to rewrite the first 2 books completely from Four’s perspective, I would read them. I would buy them and I would read them and I would love them.