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This is the first Stephen King I have ever read. After reading this, I do not plan to read anything else by him. I may read ‘Christine,’ but I have not decided yet.

In this book we follow a town after a mystical dome appears. It follows the town line exactly. No one knows why or where the dome came from. It quickly becomes a police state and things just go down hill fast.

There are a few main characters that we follow. Barbara is about to leave town and is not able to, due to the dome. Jim Rennie is the man in charge of the town, he starts in the background and quickly takes control up front. They are the two main men with issues.

It took me forever to finish this book. I started back in October, trying to read this for Halloween, but I was not able to finish until March. This book is huge coming in at 1072 pages, even though it takes place in the span of a week.

This whole book was overdone. It was way to big and had way to much going on. The premise was interesting, but it could have been done better. The reason the dome appears isn’t fully explained. The writing was decent and the characters were fairly realistic. That is the only upside to this story. The ending wasn’t fleshed out and was quite disappointing. I only rated this 1 star on GoodReads.

~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~

 It was aliens. Not even malicious aliens, just alien children. The whole thing was compared to pointing a magnifying glass at ants. That’s the whole explanation. There is nothing more in depth about the situation.

Pretty much everyone dies. That was an interesting moment when the fire spread, but other than that the whole story fell pretty flat.

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