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This is the story of a woman named Malorie. She is living in a world where there are creatures that cause people to go mad at the sight of them. Most people in the world are dead or hiding in houses barricaded. The doors are locked and the windows are tightly covered. They don’t go outside without blindfolds on.

When we start this story there are 2 timelines. One in is the future, Malorie and 2 children are leaving the house. We don’t know where they are going, just that it is down the river. In the other timeline, we start before the panic and follow all the way to when Malorie decides to leave the house.

I was suggested this book by a bookseller and I was not disappointed. I didn’t absolutely love it, but it is the best thriller I have read in recent memory. It was very well written and I didn’t want to put it down at certain points. I was not able to read it straight through, but if I had it probably would have kept me up at night. It has the right amount of creep factor and just enough happens. It isn’t overdone. I really enjoyed this story.

~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~

It was apparent from the beginning that everyone dies except for Malorie. At the beginning it’s just her and the kids. I enjoyed the group setting that takes the majority of the story. It made it a little less scary, especially compared to being on your own and pregnant.

I wish there would have been a resolution for what the creatures were, but I appreciate that the author left it blank. It would have been a hard thing to write well. That’s one of the things that brings a lot of scary novels down, the attempt to resolve the scary situation. it usually ends up being cheesy or not well explained. I appreciate the lack of resolve in that aspect of the story. It makes you wonder how long the situation is going to last.